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How well you know about Marlon season 2? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Marlon season 2? Take this quiz to know

Marlon is an American sitcom television series that premiered on August.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 21-Sep-2020

Q1: In the first episode which profession Stevie was interested in

  • A. Basketball Coach
  • B. Massage therapist
  • C. Comedy
  • D. Influencer

Q2: Why Marlon and Ashley was pretending to be married to each other

  • A. Because Marlon don't want to upset his sisters
  • B. Because Marlon wants to spend more time with the kids
  • C. Because Ashley don't want to upset her father
  • D. They were not pretending to be married

Q3: For which product Zack became a spokesmodel

  • A. Kids Party clothing line
  • B. Kids athletic clothing line
  • C. Kids casual clothing line
  • D. Kids Formal Clothing line

Q4: Who became Ashley's wingman

  • A. Marlon
  • B. Demi
  • C. Arsena
  • D. Joana

Q5: In the group who has the lowest uber rating

  • A. Stevie
  • B. Marlon
  • C. Yvette
  • D. Marley

Q6: What was the name of Yvette's boyfriend

  • A. Chandler
  • B. Matthew
  • C. Ross
  • D. Demetrius

Q7: Who decorated Marlon's apartment

  • A. Ashley
  • B. Marlon himself
  • C. Zack
  • D. Joana

Q8: Why did Marlon hosted a party at his house

  • A. To impress his kids
  • B. To impress the landlords
  • C. To impress Ashley
  • D. To impress Stevie

Q9: What kind of career advice did Marlon gave on Zack's career day

  • A. On being a doctor
  • B. On non traditional careers
  • C. On design business
  • D. On factory business

Q10: Who organized Marlon's fake funeral party

  • A. Marlon himself
  • B. His youtube fans
  • C. His Kids
  • D. There was no funeral party

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