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How well you know about The Middle series? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about The Middle series? Take this quiz to know

The Middle is an American sitcom about a lower-middle-class family and their day to day struggles of home life, work and struggling children.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 17-Mar-2020

Q1: What town The Middle set in

  • A. South Bend
  • B. Carmel
  • C. Orson
  • D. Fort Wayne

Q2: What is Mike's favorite NFL team

  • A. Buffalo Bills
  • B. Colts
  • C. Atlanta Falcons
  • D. Chicago Bears

Q3: Which actress narrated the whole series

  • A. Patricia Heaton
  • B. Meryl Streep
  • C. Emilia Clarke
  • D. Viola Davis

Q4: What college does Axl attended

  • A. Oxford University
  • B. Cambridge University
  • C. East Indiana State University
  • D. Orson University

Q5: What are Brick's quirks

  • A. Talks really Loud
  • B. Telling Lies
  • C. Eating chocolates all the time
  • D. Whispering and Whooping

Q6: Where does Mike work

  • A. The Limestone Quarry
  • B. The Coal Quarry
  • C. At a Restaurant
  • D. At a School

Q7: What is Mike's brother's name

  • A. Peter
  • B. Rusty
  • C. Brick
  • D. Alex

Q8: Name the cheerleader group created by Sue

  • A. Wrestlerettes
  • B. Cheer Team
  • C. Let's Cheer
  • D. Sue Cheer Team

Q9: What job does Frankie have on the show

  • A. Engineer
  • B. Teacher
  • C. Party Planner
  • D. Dentist

Q10: Which kid lives with the Ferguson's for a month

  • A. Mike
  • B. Sue
  • C. Brick
  • D. Axl

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